Customer Support

Contact by Phone
To speak to a Customer Service Representative, please call: US (1-888-520-9215), Austria (800297299), Canada (1-800-686-6235), France (800908734), Germany (8008827672), Italy (800875078), Netherlands (8000225531), Romania*(212012155), Spain (900866017), UK (0845-241-4055 (National number)), UK (20-7101-0537 (London)).
*Calling this number may incur charges. Please refer to your carrier to check rate

"Call Me" Service
You can also contact us by using the "Call Me" service* - with this new feature from NobelCom, you simply dial 1-760-208-1082, wait for the prompt and hang up. We will return your call right away.** Using this service will facilitate your communication with us since you will not be charged for calling an international number.

* When using the "Call Me" option while you are overseas please keep in mind that you may incur roaming charges from your phone provider for receiving the call from our Customer Service Department. ** We will return your call at the number you used to access the "Call Me" service. Please make sure that your service provider transmits your phone number accurately so we can return your call. We will not be able to contact you if your telephone number hides your caller ID.

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